The Shahada: What Every Infidel Mother Should Know

By Crimson Infidel

“There is no God but God and Mohammed is his last and greatest prophet,” or so goes the Shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith.  Of course it sounds much different in Arabic, which my high school friend was forced to learn in the mid 1990’s.

Mind you, he was NOT taking Arabic. He was enrolled in a mainstream high school history course , a different one than myself.

I would not have clarity on this issue until I learned that enraged parents across the country were reporting similar things. While I am happy that we Infidels are starting to wake up, a part of me remembered my teenage years and felt a bit of shame that it took this long.  This is nothing new.  It has been happening for at least 20 years….

My friend, being a devout Christian, refused to say the Shahada.  He only got away with it because the teacher had 20 plus ignoramuses chanting this thing in unison; their perfect Arabic drowned out his silence.

The Infidel Mother needs to know what the Shahada is.  It is significant because in order to convert to Islam, one must only say this thing once and believe it in his or her heart.

In addition, the Shahada is written across the ISIS black standard flag.  It is the literal translation of the white Arabic you see on the black background.  I think it goes without saying that this group has committed horrid atrocities, and their values are far removed from what we should be imparting on our children.


ISIS black standard with the Shahada written in Arabic.

Many classrooms across the country are having children say the Shahada or write it. Here is a link from fox news on one such example that happened in Maryland:

Another case emerged in Tennessee:

This video below was shown in a classroom in  Chatham, New Jersey: (only part 1/2 is below but the second half is easily viewed through a youtube search)


My own personal example is from the west coast.  The point is this is happening in many corners of the country, so there is a serious likelihood that your child will encounter it.

Now that you know what the Shahada is, teach your children about it.  Then teach your children that it is not acceptable, under any circumstances, for them to say this or write it in its entirety. Your children must be made aware of this by the time they enter 6th grade, since that is when children start to learn about world civilizations, including Islamic ones.

Most teachers are good people, and will understand a refusal to say the above, but even if they don’t, teach your children to stand their ground. Forcing a child to say or write this thing is a gross violation of their constitutional rights. Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…”

It matters not that they are children.  They have the right to refuse, just as you have the right to involve an attorney if it comes to that.    

If you or your child has an encounter with this thing I want to hear from you.  Post your comments below or email me.

Then again,  there is always this brave youngsters’s creative solution:




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What is an Infidel?

We see it on the back of cars, on websites, and in movies:  this incredible “I” word that we in the United States are in the process of turning from something derogatory into something celebrated.  But what does it really mean to be an Infidel?

An Infidel, according to Muslim scholars, is a Christian or Jew.  While we worship the same God, according to them we have been Infidels, that is to say “unfaithful” to Him.  We have misinterpreted His will, written this “corrupt” Bible, and thus have expressed infidelity to Him.

A more appropriate word for ANYONE who is non-Muslim, for example a Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan, Athiest, etc. is the word “Kafir” also spelled “Kufar.”  This word is a secret “dirty word” that politically motivated Muslims have for non-Muslims.  I happen to like the way “Infidel” sounds much better, although all Infidels should understand that according to some Muslims, (the ISIS strain in particular) the two words are really very interchangeable.  Dr. Warner has a great video on this word.  The closest thing to Kafir in the English language is the “n” word.

It should also be worth mentioning that some Muslims consider other Muslims who practice their religion differently to be Infidels.  For example, Many Shiite Muslims consider Sunni Muslims to be Infidels and vice versa.  The most prominent and tragic example of this, I feel, is the burning of the Jordanian pilot by ISIS operatives in 2015.

As you can imagine, the word operates like a broad and rich umbrella, an umbrella under which many people can fit!

So what do we consider to be an Infidel?  An Infidel is someone who loves freedom, the ability to pursue your definition of happiness, and to believe in the equality of all mankind without any other group telling you “your place.”  An Infidel believes in the equality of mankind as endowed by their creator, but does not necessarily believe in equal results. The Infidel celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah decorations, Easter egg hunts, and Passover meals. This individual also defends the second amendment, freedom of speech, and the American Constitution.  It means celebrating what made the West, the West without apologizing for it. It means the freedom to offend and to be offended.

Now that we have defined “Infidel,” let us take this word to a new level by defining what it means to be an “Infidel Mother.”

An Infidel Mother is a very special variation of the female warrior archetype.  She is not only a protector of her children but of the free society from which she comes.  She does not seek out violence but is prepared to respond in kind when violence finds her or those she loves.  She is a new and improved type of feminist, a woman who believes that she cannot lift herself up by putting others down.  In other words, if you are looking for man hatred, or any other kind of hatred here, move on.

The Infidel Mother is a lover of freedom.  She is aware that political Islam and freedom are incompatible.   This fact may make many angry, but that does not make it any less true.

The Infidel Mother is a woman aware of misinformation in schools, our text books, and our society.  She is in constant search of truth; when she finds truth she shares it with her children and others she meets.

The Infidel Mother is courageous and does not let anyone put limits on her.

The Infidel Mother is usually a woman of faith, but if she is an atheist she is not hostile towards those of faith, unless a faith encroaches on her freedom to not believe.  She is supportive of the Judeo-Christian values upon which the United States was founded no matter her individual beliefs.

Obviously there are a lot of demands upon Infidel Mothers.  That is where we come in.  We are dedicated to helping Infidel Moms (and Dads too!) understand what is  happening in our schools and giving them the information they need to help their children identify it and reject it.

I look forward to helping you all Infidel on!


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