Getting Started: How to teach Your Children About Allah’s True Identity

Ready to educate your little  Infidel? Great, we’re ready to help! Here’s a juicy green apple for all the new teachers out there!

Welcome, Infidels! I have the first video for you today.  It is just a short introduction on how to teach your little Infidels ( Children as they’re more commonly known) about Allah’s True Identity.  Please view below:



The main book we will be using is Dorothy Mills’ The Book of the Ancient World. Other than the Bible, this is the one book you must buy because your children will be reading from it a lot for this course.

 This is the one book I must ask you to buy for this course. It’s a great book, you won’t regret it.

Here are the pre-readings for teachers.  I encourage parents to do the reading on their own prior to involving your child.  This way, you can determine if what we are presenting is right for your child:

We do cover some mature subject matter in this course, and for that reason I highly encourage parents to consider their child’s level of maturity.  However, if it is at all possible, do this course with them prior to their introduction to Islam in the public school system (usually happens in middle school or 6-7th grade).

Infidels, our public school system is saturated with lies about Christianity and Islam, and if you can give them a little background prior to this, then that is the ideal situation.

Next week we will post the video on the Babylonians.  Until then, happy reading and don’t forget to Infidel On!



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