The Ancient Arabians-Part Four in The Allah’s True Identity Series

This is my last video dealing with the world surrounding the ancient Hebrews.  After this section we will move on to the Jews, whose culture forms the base for 50% or greater of Western ideas about morality and how one should live.

You will notice that I did not cover the Egyptians or Greeks in this series, but not because they are not important.  I left them out because I did not see any compelling evidence in their societies for Allah’s’ existence prior to the time of Mohammed,.  Although other researchers made quite a few parallels between the Egyptian gods and Allah, the evidence was not compelling enough for me to include them in this series.  Perhaps, as more discoveries are made, this may change.

For the time being, allow me to introduce you to the Ancient Arabians.  The pre-readings for this section are very sparse.  While there is quite a bit of information on the Ancient Arabians out there, I did not find an age appropriate book or article that I thought was comprehensive enough, so your little Infidel gets a break for this section.

Here is my video:



I also included a wonderful short video illustrating what life in Ancient Arabia was like before the advent of Islam.  Listen until you get about halfway through, because after that, it focuses on Mohammed.  That will take you a  little farther than is necessary at this point.



My sources are listed at the end of this video. If you have any questions, please let me know, and don’t forget to Infidel On!

The Phoenicians: Part Three in The Allah’s True Identity Series

Welcome Infidels!  If you have not seen my videos on the Babylonians and the Persians, please view those prior to this week’s video.

Today, we will take a look at the Ancient Phoenicians.  There is a possible connection between Allah and Baal, who was an ancient Phoenician god, due to the common symptom of child sacrifice.  My video is posted here:


Here are some of the complimentary videos to go with it.  They are posted in order. The first one is Elijah and the Prophets of Baal:


The second video is a clip from the movie American Sniper:



This video shows  a Syrian man sending his daughters to do jihad in the name of Allah.

My sources are at the end of the presentation, so if you have trouble seeing something please let me know.

Ancient Persia-Part Two in Allah’s True Identity Series


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Symbol of Zoroastrianism, the Original Persian Religion and a Monotheistic faith 

Welcome back Infidels!  Here is my second video on Ancient Persia.  Even though Allah is not mentioned specifically here, there is a lot going on in ancient Persia that is worth noting.  Also, understanding a little about Ancient Persia will help you understand the book of Daniel and the Hebrew’s transition from Babylonian captivity to a much better lifestyle under Persian Rule.

I hope you all enjoy, and as always, if you have any questions please let me know.

The Sharia of Gun Control: What Few Infidels Know, but Should

Forgive me for delaying Part 2 in Allah’s True Identity; I promise I will post my video on the Persians soon.

In the meantime, I’d like to begin this article as Greek Philosophers did their lectures: with a question. What if Infidels were easier to kill?

It’s not hard to imagine such a scenario. With the recent horrific shooting in Florida, gun control is on many American’s minds.  And with those beautifully organized protests, how could we not think of the children?

Ahh, the Children.  Hard to Refute such an Argument, Right?  (Shadow, 2015)


Some say we should have mental health screenings, but what would qualify someone as being mentally Ill?  Would we use the standards of someone like Joy Behar who equates Christianity with mental illness?

This Woman has called Mike Pence “Crazy” for his Christian Faith.  Who else would qualify in her world?


Perhaps a trained psychiatrist would do…unfortunately, a trained psychiatrist also did this in 2009:

This memorial commemorates those murdered by Nidal Hassan in 2009 at a processing center at Fort Hood. The soldiers were “following the law” and unable to defend themselves against this Jihadist

To this day, Nidal Hassan, a trained army psychiatrist who committed jihad in the name of Allah against a group of unarmed soldiers in what is essentially a 30.06 zone, sits on death row.  This “Soldier of Allah” as he called himself, demonstrated a fine example of what could happen if Infidels were easier to kill.  These Infidels were unarmed because they were on Fort Hood; their names in stone are testimony to this fact.

Perhaps if  we just give up our weapons our children would be safer….


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30.06 Sign; Clearly Posted on Most School Grounds. Clearly Ineffective.


A beautiful thought, but most schools are 30.06 zones, meaning it is unlawful to carry an otherwise legal concealed or even open carry weapon onto the premises.  Criminals who did not follow this posted 30.06 zone are unlikely to hand in their weapons just because we ask them nicely to.

The idea of giving up our guns and the violence with it sounds nice in theory, but lies often do have a flowery ring to them.  That is why they are lies, and that is why people believe them.

I’m not here to argue necessarily for or against stricter gun laws or special training or even psychiatric tests for gun ownership.  What I am here to do is challenge you all to slow down for a moment and think like the enemy. In doing so, it is my hope to provide another dimension to this debate and make Americans think deeply about first and second order effects. Why?  Because whether we want to admit it or not, the enemy is watching us.  And they are watching us rip ourselves apart over the very American and time honored tradition of gun ownership in this country.

Infidels, this simply should not be. So instead of arguing with each other, let’s study this as the enemies of freedom would study it, as the enemy is studying us right now.  Do you know what does the radical jihadist doctrine say about kafirs (non muslims)  and guns?

There is no equal protection under Sharia for different classes of people.  Justice is dualistic, with one set of laws for Muslim males and different laws for women and non Muslims.  A non muslim cannot bear arms (Warner 2014)

As most are aware, the US constitution demands the opposite, that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  This is regardless of religion.

Why would there be a prohibition on Infidels in a Sharia society owning weapons?  The only reason that I can think of is the following:  If the Infidels are unarmed, then they cannot fight back.  This gives the enemy a lot more leeway with which to strike and destroy an otherwise hard to kill population.

The Army trained my companions and I in basic infantry drills.  During such drills we utilized other resources to make missions more successful.  We incorporated tanks,  air bombers, and other such things to ensure an easier victory.

One of my favorite and most well practiced exercises was the “call for fire scenario”.  You radioed to the field artillery personnel and had them bomb the target prior to your assault, in order to “soften” it.

Jihadists may not have field artillery as an organized entity, but they do have the jihad of speech.  What if the enemy was “softening” us right now, not with artillery or tanks or planes, but with ideas?

With an unarmed US population, the Kafirs would be shot like fish in a barrel and subjugated like donkeys in a pen.

I am not saying that this most recent shooting is some grand plot by the jihadists. I believe, as most do, that this extremely troubled young man acted alone for many reasons, but is worth mentioning that the Florida shooter was an admirer of Isis.

A few disturbing posts by Nicholas Cruz, Florida shooter (Daniels, 2018)

Again, I am not against some restrictions on weapons or even psychiatric screening. I am only advising extreme caution moving forward.

If the second amendment is banned or even too restricted, we will be one step closer to Sharia Law and all the more vulnerable.  That is not all right with THIS Infidel.

It shouldn’t be OK with you either.



Daniels, K (2018) Reported Florida Shooter Discussed “Allahu Akbar” on Instagram. Infowars.  Profile

Shadow, 2015.   “Failure to improve ‘gun control’ distressing”… President Obama interview with BBC