Ancient Hebrews Part 2

I hope you enjoyed last week’s video on part one of the Ancient Hebrews.  Part two is up this week and covers the arrival of the Jews in Ancient Israel up until the nations destruction by the Romans in 70 AD.  I also touch very briefly on Christianity, with a heavy focus on the religion’s Jewish origins.  I do not have any complimentary videos for this section.  However, I can recommend the miniseries The Bible or the movie Samson for your viewing pleasure.  Both films are optional.

There are no pre-readings for this section.  However, I do employ scripture references throughout the presentation so you may want to have a Bible handy to look them up yourself if you are interested.

References are listed at the end of the presentation.

Here is part two:


As always, let me know if you have any questions.  After this posting we will take a break from videos for a while to focus on other worthy topics of discussion and ways to defend your infidel children’s minds and physical bodies from the enemy.

God Bless, Infidels.

Understanding Ourselves: Ancient Hebrews


Greetings Infidels.  Now that we have taken apart Allah, it’s time to take apart YHWH, and there is no better way to do this than to study His Chosen People, the Ancient Hebrews or Jews.   If you live in the western world, and are not a Christian, Jew, or religious person at all, you owe a lot to the Ancient Hebrews, whether you know it or not.

This presentation is split into two sections because it is so large.  Part one focuses on the creation of the Ancient Hebrews to their arrival in the Promised land or modern day Israel.

I do have one complimentary video to this presentation. It was captured by divers in the Red Sea:


And here is part one of the Ancient Hebrews or Jews:





Part two picks up from their arrival in the promised land and ends with the destruction of Ancient Israel in 70 AD at the hands of the Romans. I hope to have it up next week.

While I would love to do a presentation on modern day Israel (1948 to present day) , I don’t have any plans in the near future to do this.  Perhaps this will change soon.   My sources are not listed at the end of this video like most of my videos are; these will be at the end of part two. However, if you would like to see them sooner, please let me know.

Happy viewing Infidels,  and as always let me know if you have any questions.

Ismael vs Isaac: An Ancient Conflict Begins

Greetings Infidels, I hope you enjoyed my videos on the ancient world.  As always if you’re having any trouble with them, please let  me know.

We’ve taken apart Allah’s identity, now let’s talk about his people, the Ishmaelites, or as we commonly know them, the Arabs.

Not all Muslims are Arabs, of that I am aware, but Islam did originate in the Arabian peninsula.  Mohammed was an Arab, so it starts with them.  Thus, we need to understand them and ourselves if we are to understand the clash between Judeo-Christian and Muslim or Arabic culture.

Mohammed would have us believe that this conflict began in the seventh century with his teachings, but in fact it begins much sooner, with the family of Abraham.  For those of you unfamiliar with the story it can be found in Genesis 16-21.

I will paraphrase here for the reader’s convenience:

HaShem or YHWH chooses Abraham to be the father of his chosen people, the Jews. Even though Abraham and his wife Sara are very old, HaShem says that the inheritance will come through Sara and her son Isaac. Years go by and despite the promise, it does not come to pass. Sara remains childless, and she becomes impatient.

In her impatience she invokes an ancient custom, telling her husband to take a second wife, her handmaiden , Hagar. It is her hope that Abraham will have children through her handmaiden.

The result of this coupling is Ishmael, the father of the Arab people.

Ishmael and Hagar. Source: P2ALM 2014

After this event, the relationship between Sara and her slave deteriorates.  At one point it is so bad that Hagar escapes into the wilderness to get away from her mistress.

While there, an angel appears to Hagar and gives her a prophecy that so far has been fulfilled:

“Behold you are with child and you shall bear a son. You shall call his name Ishmael, Because the Lord has heard your affliction.  He shall be a wild man; His hand shall be against every man, And every man’s hand against him.”

In other words, this kid and his descendants will spell big problems for everyone else.  But don’t believe the Bible.  Believe the Muslims themselves, many who are are starting to take note and calling each other out for their bad behavior:


This lady is a brave woman and a fine example for the Muslim world, but back to our story:

Hagar does return to Abraham’s household and lives out a few more years with the family before being turned out into the wilderness with her son Ishmael yet again, this time for good.

At the end of the story we hear that Ishmael joins his brother Isaac at his father’s funeral, and together they bury Abraham.  After this, Ishmael fades from the Bible, but his descendants live on…in the Phonecians, the Arabians, and today… the Islamists. They even have their own story about this event, claiming that Abraham stayed with Ismael and Hagar.  Later, the three of them journeyed to Mecca to build the Kaaba.

If we trace Islam back to its roots, we find that this political religious system is a combination of rejection and sorrow and revenge. It is a reflex against this event, buried deep in the Islamic heart, and it often manifests in violent results.

What do you suppose Christ would say to such a people?  The answer to this question isn’t easy and involves figuring out whether to turn you check or trade your cloak (See my article dated 10/5/2017).

Before you do anything, it’s a good idea to look at this event in more detail and the people that become the Jewish people today. No matter what your feelings about YHWH’s chosen people, their influence upon western society cannot be understated.

In some intellectual circles, professors will even go so far to claim that western society is 50% Jewish in nature.  Our religious  and moral values come from the Hebrews, and our love for art, beauty and democratic politics comes from the Greeks.  Seeing as how Jesus was Jewish, I would say that argument is fairly solid.

I’ve prepared a video show on the Hebrews for your little Infidels that I hope you will enjoy.  I intend to post this sometime next week.

Until then, give some consideration to this theory Infidels.  Is Islam a visceral, almost genetically coded reaction to this event?  Given all of the violence in the middle east, and especially the Antisemitism there, I think it is an idea worth considering.




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Youth Unhinged: What is an Infidel Parent to Do?

I posted an article a couple of weeks ago about Gun Control. In it, I presented a fact that few Infidels are familiar with: that gun control was and is still part of Sharia Law in its purest form.

Simply put, in a Sharia governed society Muslims are allowed to have guns and weapons, non Muslims are not.  This hypocrisy serves a purpose: it makes the subjected Kafir or Infidel population much easier to control and/or kill.

If this sounds familiar to you, it should, because it is not just Muslims who want a more docile population.  Apparently it is our youth, and whoever is paying the money to transport and house and feed all of these children, but I doubt they know exactly what they are asking for.  I say this with full confidence because the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights is not taught in schools anymore. The history taught in mainstream public schools is also inadequate at best. At worst, it is incorrect.  In the most liberal areas of the country, you will learn about the atrocities committed against Native Americans by white settlers and little else. I know because I grew up in such a place and attended such a state run intellectual wasteland that had the gall to call itself a public high school.

It would be laughable if it weren’t inspiring such disrespectful and dare I say it, dangerous behavior in our youth.  As funny as Hogg’s disgusting language and Emma Gonzalez’ odd, Shinead-O’Conner-had-a-Baby-with-a-Vietnam-Hippie look may appear on the surface, I am afraid, Infidels, that this is no joke.


There is no Better Inspiration to Get Involved in Your Child’s Life Than These Two.  Source: Louder with Crowder, 2018

I say this because Adolf Hitler’s slogan was “Mach es fur die kinder” or literally translated, “do it for the kids” when he appealed to the general population for gun control.  He posed with several little boys and girls and the Hitler Youth Organization marched for the same purpose.  It appears there may be nothing new under the sun, and those who would call the other side Nazis sure don’t mind acting like ones themselves.

Alles gut, ja?!!  Es ist fur die Kinder!

But let’s not be too hard on them, Infidels.  After all, it’s not ALL their fault.  The true fault is complicated; dissecting all of its layers is too much for this article so I’ll just focus on a few with some solutions along the way:

The Schools Themselves-Please don’t think by this statement I mean all schools or all of the teachers/staff in them.  However, generally speaking, if a protest is deemed more important than say, reading, writing, and arithmetic, then I think it’s safe to say we have a problem with the public school system.  Extreme caution should be used when sending your child to one of these places.  If possible, use that tax cut and consider a private school, or trying an online home school option like K-12 or Liberty Online Academy.  K through 12 is free, and I found it surprisingly easy, despite having no experience in home schooling.

K through 12 will be different depending upon which state you live in, which is why I didn’t include a link, but please check out  Liberty Home School here:

Parents- are busy, or simply choosing to spend more time on their phones than engaging with their child.   If there is no option other than public school, for any reason, then parents of these children need to start seriously engaging, checking homework and demanding to know the schedules at their children’s schools.  Try doing some home lessons on the constitution and the bill of rights.  It might benefit watching a movie like the Patriot or a miniseries like John Adams (although I advise caution with this one due to the rating).  Hills dale college offers a free course on the US constitution with videos that are around 30-45 minutes long each.  Their lectures are appropriate and available.  Register here.  It’s free and self directed. Copy and Paste this link to learn more:

The MediaHave you noticed they focus on what THEY WANT YOU TO focus on?  Every time CNN or any mainstream news program is on in the gym I immediately think of the news media in The Hunger Games, who tell the citizens of Capital City exactly what to think during the mandatory viewings.  Dump these guys. It’s not news, it’s propaganda, with a thin layer of news sprinkled on top.

The Money-These kids did not fly themselves, and I doubt they came up with the idea to march on Washington DC all on their own. There is money behind this and it’s very dirty money, Infidels.  Most think George Soros is behind most of this.  I believe it’s too early to say if Jihadists are involved, although I wouldn’t rule out that possibility since  gun control which is a Sharia compliant idea.

So what is the solution?  Engage. Engage, Engage.  Infidel Parents can no longer sit on the sidelines. They must engage with their children, the schools and the faculty.  Talk to your child, find out what went on today, and what is going on tomorrow.  Talk to the teachers, and don’t be afraid to try another facility or an online option if you simply can’t find common ground with your child’s school.   Private schools do offer financial assistance and scholarships, and the home school/online options are easier and cheaper than you think.

What won’t be easy is banishing this hellish marriage of 1930’s German propaganda and Vietnam era strong arming.  At least the hippies are wearing clothes this time around.



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