Take Your Children Shooting, no Seriously, DO IT!

Take your kids shooting; no seriously, do it!

Ok, so I know the first thing coming out of your mouth right now is “she can’t be serious.”

Oh, but I am!  Why?  Because while your kids are chasing imaginary Pokemon and watching you tube videos, their kids are learning this:


Source: The Quint


And this….

Source: The Quint


And my personal favorite, this….


children jihadis.JPG
Source: The Quint


Get it?  They hate us, and they are learning to hate us early. With Guns.

Shouldn’t we be teaching our little infidels to defend themselves with guns?

We have a LOT of guns in the US. While there is no absolute number on just how many private firearms are here, estimates put that number anywhere at 310-357 million, possibly more guns than there are people!  And the last I heard, the factories are still humming!

Ok, so we have guns, but how should we introduce this fine art to our children?

Well for starters, make sure YOU are comfortable around firearms.  Bring your best friend (your gun, not your diamond) to the shooting range.  Don’t own a gun yet?  No problem!  Many of these places will let you rent theirs and most friends who have one firearm quickly progress into owning two or more (guns are arguably more addictive than tattoos).  Chances are your gun enthusiast friend will be happy to let you borrow theirs.

I would recommend going at least twice before bringing  your children; that way you can learn your way around a range and get a good feel for the weapon yourself.

Here is some basic range etiquette to get you started:

  • Transport your unloaded gun in a carrying case or holster until you are at the firing line. When you check into the range, the operators will want to see the weapon you will be firing to make sure they put you on the right lane.
  • Transport ammunition for your gun in its orgional packaging, preferably unopened if possible or in a box that is in good condition. DO NOT BRING YOUR WEAPON LOADED TO THE RANGE. Load the weapon only when you are on the firing line.
  • Always treat a gun like its loaded, even when you know it is not! The minute you disrepect the weapon will be the minute you kill or seriously injur someone.
  • Do NOT TOUCH weapons while someone is down range checking targets. I like to personally put my hands behind my back and take a step back from the weapon which is on the table with the safety on. If your weapon has no safety, make sure a round is not chambered.
  • Follow ALL instructions from the range workers. Failure to do so will get you kicked out.

5.) Report any suspicious activity to the range operators.  One great thing about gun ranges is that political correctness is not tolerated there. Safety trumps all. ( It would be nice if the rest of the world worked that way, wouldn’t it?)  Therefore, do not hesitate to let someone know if something looks, feels, or sounds suspicious.

6.) Keep the barrel of the weapon pointed down range at all times unless it is in its case.

7,) When you are ready to leave, clear your weapon(make sure there are no bullets in the firing chamber!), disconnect the magazine, or unload all the barrels if you are using a revolver, and place it in its case.  Spare ammunition needs to go back in the original box, please(unless already loaded into a magazine).  Pick up any brass or litter within your reach, but do not worry about picking up everything.

Once you are ready to bring your little infidel (I mean child) to the range, make sure they understand the above rules too.  Try practicing the rules with nerf or water guns.  You can even set up a “pretend range” in your backyard.  Shoot at cans, balloons, or little action figures until they have the basic safety rules down.

Nerf and other toy guns have elements remarkably similar to real guns and are great to practice with before graduating up to the real thing.

Next, understand that your child will have limits; their bone structure will not be able to absorb the same amount of “kick” or recoil that an adult body will, unless they are several years into puberty. Recoil is the back pressure that results from the bullet being fired each time you pull the trigger, and it is a big consideration when teaching children.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, Most children don’t start entering puberty and develping mature muscles until 11-12 and don’t complete it until well into their late teens!

The smaller the bullet diameter, the less recoil there will be when firing.  The best weapons for children of almost any size is the 22 long rifle.  Unless your child is well into puberty, I wouldn’t go any higher than a 38 caliber.  If these numbers scare you, then start with a bb gun and let them graduate up to the 22!

Which brings me to another concept: hand gun versus long rifle. The shorter the barrel of the gun, the more recoil there will be.  Long barrels on rifles help absorb some of the recoil from the weapon when it is fired and a shorter barrel will absorb less of this recoil..

Believe it or not, long rifles are safer for children, not only for their ability to absorb some of the recoil, but by their very  nature they remind the child to be careful.   Kids tend to be very energetic and fast movers, but if they have a heavy and long gun in their hands they are less likely to point it in the wrong direction

Other than learning to defend yourself, range time has a wealth of other benefits for families:

  • Range time is good family time. As your children grow older, finding something to do together that everyone will like is a real challenge.  Shooting real guns is fun!  And most teenagers won’t turn this one down, even if they do have to go with (GASP) Mom and/or Dad!  Ranges also tend to be loud.  Everyone has to wear ear protection, so its almost impossible to say something that will embarrass them there.


  • It takes the mystery out of guns. We’ve all heard tragic stories about a child picking up a gun out of curiosity and then accidentally killing a loved one.   Most of the time it’s a “forbidden fruit phenomenon.”  If you actually let your child pick up and handle a gun in a safe environment with you nearby for help, then the mystery is gone and so is the temptation.  If they want to touch the guns, all they have to do is wait for the next range day, or ask Mom and Dad for an extra one!



  • It builds confidence and destroys victim hood. We have way too many sensitive snowflakes running around these days.  Introducing your child to the fine art of munitions will teach them responsibility and inspire confidence and grit at an early age.


  • ACCESSORIES, ACCESSORIES, ACCESSORIES!!! Now this is only for after you get your carry permit and the laws are different from state to state, so please check before you do this.  However, once you are legal, you will discover all sorts of stylish and effective ways to carry and conceal your weapon!  Check out Gun Goddess for great under the clothing conceal wear, such as sexy garter holsters and form fitting under the clothing holsters here:  https://www.gungoddess.com/.  Savoy leather has some very beautiful holsters for you ladies in the blessed open carry states (They are a little pricey, but well worth the money!).  And these are just a few of my favorites.
Pink and Black Leg Holster for under a skirt or dress?  Yes, please!  Available at Gungoddess


  • You will be the cool parent. I can’t explain this one, you will just have to find out for yourself!


Still a little nervous?  That’s OK! TONS of support is available!  The NRA has a section devoted to female shooters here: http://www.nrawomen.tv/ ,  and most places have local gun clubs.  Range operators are usually very knowledgeable and have postings with classes and websites that will give you all the information and support you need.

You also message us with any questions you may have.  We will happily get you aimed in the right direction, no pun intended.




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