How to Teach Infidel Children About Sharia Law

The title of this article seems an oxymoron, impossible.  Sharia law is extremely complex, molded after the life of Mohammed and the victories that proceeded his death.  Its been expanded upon throughout the centuries, received tons of commentary and editing, and Muslims themselves fight over what it is and isn’t on a daily basis. How, then do we even begin to do this?

First off, we have to set realistic goals for ourselves and our children.  When it comes to an infidel understanding of Sharia law, focus on the basics, namely the incompatibility of it with Western thought or values and specifically the US constitution.

Secondly, we have to establish “why” we should be teaching our children about Sharia Law.  Here’s a big reason:

Abdul is running for the governor of Michigan as a Democrat.  One of his goals is the elimination of Assault Weapons.  What he doesn’t tell you is that this is in line with Sharia Law. Guns for me, but not for thee (Warner, 2010).  Picture from Fox 17 West Michigan


Forgive me for picking on Abdul, one of the gubernatorial candidates in Michigan, because he is far from the first Muslim to run for US office and very likely he won’t be the last.  The Muslims have discovered that they cannot defeat us as a military force, so they are, quite cleverly, trying to work their way in through our democratic process, but one must ask to what end?

One of Abdul’s positions is his desire to ban assault weapons.   Being that the second amendment is a thorn in the Democratic party’s side, this may not seem unusual for something like Abdul (Emphasis D) to say.

However, there is something that a lot of you infidels may not know:  Muslims have been putting limits on self protection long before the Democratic Party ever held its first anti gun rally or staged its first school shooting (yes I did just type that).  In every area that Islam first conquered, the Christians and Jews were not allowed to own weapons, but the Muslim citizens were.  Therefore whenever someone like Abdul rants against the second amendment, we must ask ourselves where the true motivation for his ranting comes from.  Is it because of the Democratic Party, or is it because of something else?  Could it be a religious worldview?  Could it be Sharia Law?

The truth is I don’t know Abdul’s true heart; I may have him all wrong in which case he is owed an apology.  However, if he holds a worldview incompatible with mine, or if I have reason enough to suspect that he holds a worldview incompatible with that of the US Constitution, then he doesn’t deserve my vote.  I will not sign my own death warrant to prove how “tolerant” I am; no human being should be expected to no matter how many people scream “racist” at you.

Therefore, to help you with the seemingly daunting task of teaching your children, I invite you to this simple video I put together.  Watch it yourself, construct the activity and then allow your children some time to complete it.  My main source for this activity is Dr. Bill Warner’s Sharia Law for Non Muslims, and it was the best 10.00 I ever spent.


Afterward, have a discussion with your children.  Discuss the importance of participation in the democratic process with them, what system they would want to live under and why.

As always, we are here to help you.




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Note: Sources for the video are included on the last slide.