This page is for any concerned woman wanting to know the truth about Islam, and what it means for a freeborn Infidel (Non Muslim) woman.  It is called the “Infidel Mother” because most of the subject matter is directed toward how mothers can teach their children about Islam and self defense when there is so much contrary information available. The authors chose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons but will respond in kind with questions as soon as possible.  All of the staff here have children but we welcome single Women, Aunts, and Grandmas as well!  While our focus is on helping women, Dads, Uncles and Grandpas as we believe that you cannot lift up women by putting down men.  Our brother infidels are most welcome too!  Please be advised that this page is written from a Judeo-Christian perspective, so those who are atheist or not familiar with that culture may struggle a little with this page. We will try our best to explain things, but we will not apologize for them.

We realized that this page was necessary when we saw Linda Sarosaur organize a women’s march, that unfortunately deceived many women.  It is our hope that we can reach out to women with the truth, using elements of science, history, and facts.

While we view many elements within Islam as a threat to Judeo-Christian civilization, we are not anti Muslim.  In fact, we deeply believe that one of the bravest individuals in the world is a female Muslim apostate or one who is questioning her faith!  It is our hope that someday we can effectively organize and help these women get to a safe place of freedom, as much as we desire to maintain our own.  So keep calm everyone, and Infidel on!